Aaron Paul

Aaron Paul took a long breath, but after he "Breaking Bad" the Star was paid off for his patience .

Aaron Paul

  • Born 26. August 1979 , Emmett, Idaho, USA
  • First Name Aaron Paul
  • Name Sturtevant
  • Years 40
  • Size 1.73 m
  • Zodiac Virgo
  • Partner Lauren Parsekian (married since 2013) ; Jessica Lowndes (separated)
  • Children’s Story Of Annabelle (*2018)

Not everyone knows that

Aaron Paul is a huge Fan of the Band "Grain" and was even in the music video "Thoughtless" play.

What a Start to life! His mother, Aaron Paul brought a month early alone in the bathroom world.

To commemorate the exciting time in "Breaking Bad" Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston were on the last day of shooting, memory tattoos.

Biography of Aaron Paul

The road to great fame and was for the pastor’s son, Aaron Paul, everything other than simple. In the sleepy Idaho, the little Boy from early on his passion for acting and for theatre, his Church performances discovered on the stage. Soon, however, the local round of applause was not enough for him and so he moved at the age of 17 into the movie Mecca of Los Angeles.

The rocky road to success

Once there, Aaron was not received Paul with open arms, the career had to wait. Instead of a Star of the young acting aspirant had to make a living with odd jobs, he worked as a Usher in the Universal Studios Movie theatre in Hollywood and as Frog mascot for a radio station. To that time, he any small role he could get hold of. Excruciatingly long and the only commercials, before Paul was finally able to draw correct TV Jobs .

His last Film

First steps in front of the camera

His first appearances on television Aaron Paul as Guest performers for TV series such as "Beverly Hills 90210", "Melrose Place", "CSI: Miami", "Emergency Room", "Bones" and "The X-Files", before 2007, for the first time in a recurring role in the Series "Big Love" play was allowed. In the meantime, the actors had been able to collect some experience on the big screen. In 2001, he stood at the side of Kevin Spacey and Jeff Bridges in the Thriller "K-Pax – Everything is possible" in front of the camera, and was in 2006 in addition to Megastar Tom Cruise in "Mission: Impossible III" to see.

Great breakthrough with "Breaking Bad"

Patience and diligence, the had Aaron Paul in the past few years, to the day, finally succeeded in 2008 when the producers of the series "Breaking Bad" the young actor noticed. They chose him for the Role of drug-addicted petty criminal Jesse Pinkman from that with his former Chemistry teacher Walter White, played by Bryan Cranston, in the drug business goes. Originally his character was supposed to die at the end of the first season of the series, but the Interplay between Paul and Cranston impressed the creators so much that you Jesse Pinkman and finally gave up, on life. So celebrated was "Breaking Bad" the big breakthrough for Aaron Paul, including three Emmy Awards.

And what happened after "Breaking Bad"?

In 2013, the record-breaking series took place after five thrilling seasons to an end. And what about Aaron Paul? Don’t worry, he is still good in the business. After Movies such as "Need for Speed", "Fathers and daughters – A whole life" and "A Long Way Down" he’s since 2016 in the Hulu Series "The Path" as a member of a dubiösen faith community to see.

Aaron Paul in the family happiness

And also private Paul since the end of the already legendary series for Aaron "Breaking Bad" some of it done. In 2013, he gave his sweetheart, Director Lauren Parsekian, he had met at the music festival Coachella, the Yes-word. Four years later, in September 2017, posted he has a photo of his wife with Baby belly on Instagram and announced Proudly that he will soon be Papa .

Social Media by Aaron Paul

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