Alicia von rittberg

Alicia von rittberg

The "Charité"-Nurse provides care to patients, and Hollywood Stars with a lot of dedication and even more Talent – and as the new German Hollywood-hope!

Alicia von rittberg

  • Born 10. In December 1993 , Munich / Germany
  • First Name Alicia
  • Name of riding mountain
  • Years 26
  • Size 1.65 m
  • Zodiac Sagittarius

Not everyone knows that

Alicia von rittberg describes himself as a family man and his dream is to be the mother of several children: "I have three brothers and it is very loved, with so many siblings to grow up. The to with acting or any other profession that makes me happy is my great desire."

Between the OJ and your in business studies, it drew the young Wild first abroad. She traveled and worked across South America, South Africa and Asia.

Among other things, it brought her as an assistant in a hospital. "I didn’t realize that I was the Right person for the job. To me this is all close to went so. I then had to mitweinen always, and that’s not what." A good preparation for her role in "Charité" it was from all.

On the Set of "Charité" a so familiar atmosphere that the rotation for Alicia as "School land home in Prague" felt.

The beautiful actress is a little dreamer: "As a Teenager, I’ve taken a step back in my daydreams, when I felt insecure or overwhelmed. In situations where you would be today, maybe after the phone, I looked in the air and dreamed of."

Biography of Alicia von rittberg

Grew up with Alicia in addition to three brothers, in Munich – without any acting ambitions. Instead, the small Countess of a life as a pop star and dreamed of – such as your former icon Britney Spears. Only out of sheer boredom, completed acting course in the school holidays it was "the taste of come". A happy coincidence, she says, but of himself, that she could never sing properly. With the spectacle of it delivery for the better. Their entire school career they came from the camera, and had to high school, already the ten Film and television productions in the box.

Between school and TV-Set

Had reason school Alicia minor television appearances – first in KIKA and in the Children’s show "Thingy". It roles in various TV followed by movies and Crime series such as "Die Rosenheim-Cops" and "The Old" a place in the main Cast of the ZDF series "My wonderful family". In 2009, in the embodied Biopic "Romy" the young Romy Schneider and a year later, the daughter of Veronica Ferres in the Eco-Thriller "The secret of the whales". Their impressive presentation of a abused home child in "And all were silent" was crowned in 2013 with the young talent award of the Bavarian television price .

Exclusive first look at Bully Herbigs Thriller "Balloon"

Brad pitt’s eggs and the German Hollywood-hope

With a simple self shot cell phone Video of the young actress was able to convince then two years later, still the same Hollywood of your cooking skills. For the War strip "Heart of steel" the final battle against Hitler-Germany was via a video casting for a young German to the "US veterans" To fry to give Brad Pitt shelter, and fried eggs – and found in Alicia, the perfect occupation. The local press turned over and sensed, in the beautiful blonde already "new German Hollywood-hope". A move to the States is not for the Munich-currently on the Plan, because quality comes before quantity. Not the environment, but rather to the fact "to turn an exciting story that grabs". How the ARD-series "Charité".


The much-acclaimed history series, directed by Sönke Wortmann portrays the history of the tradition-rich Berlin hospital. Riding mountain is a of the Story did: "If emotions also content, I like it the best. And the ‘Charité’, the case." The enthusiasm paid off – for her portrayal of backup sister "Ida Lenze" she was finally with the Bambi for best actress knighted.

"Only one thing"

A drama school has not seen our Hollywood-hope from the inside. You don’t want to be "take apart and then put back together let". Because she studied better Economics at the University of Friedrichshafen, Germany. The multi-talent has already several irons in the fire and is "very jittery" if you remember , "to have only one thing ". So for roughed-hew, then, during the filming of "Charité" in the evening, still made to work hard for maths exams. For your bachelor’s thesis, submitted in the summer of 2017, it employed, however, and so the circle closes, with the international film production. The degree in the bag you want now, for the first time "only one thing" focus – your acting career. Since Hollywood’s hope .

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