Andreas Bourani

As in the case of the 2014 world Cup at the Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro, one of his songs "To us" was played, knew Andreas Bourani: "This is my summer!"

Andreas Bourani

  • Born 2. In November 1983 , Augsburg, Germany
  • First Name Andreas
  • Name Stiegelmair
  • Years 36
  • Size 1.89 m
  • Zodiac Scorpio

Not everyone knows that

In the family of his adoptive parents, the little Andreas was met with a week after his birth.

In his Childhood, the musician was an altar boy. In the meantime, he is, but from the Catholic Church.

Today, Andreas Bourani lives in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg.

Be "Hit On" only the world Cup anthem of 2014, but accompanied the TV and cinema is not a commercial for 50 years action man.

Andreas Bourani appreciates it that he learns through his concerts places in Germany to which he otherwise would not have been

Andrew is an Ambassador for the campaign “All Kids are VIPs“

Andreas loves the calming effect that it has on the highway through the night to slip on him

Biography of Andreas Bourani

Not only for the German footballer of the world Cup in the summer of 2014 to the best of your life. Andreas Bourani experienced a highlight of his career so far: His Song “On us“ was selected by the ARD in the short term, as the official world Cup Song and the night, Andreas Bourani, and his four-octave comprehensive voice in the whole Republic, it became known.

It could have been Opera

Andreas was adopted after his birth and grew up as Andreas Stieglmair. The name of his Egyptian parents, he has never met, he took only with his singer career: Bourani. From my youth, an avid singer, he sang at the Opera house in Augsburg in “the magic flute“ and “Tosca“. His great idols were Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and Celine Dion. “For me, [still] that I fell in love with the pop music and not more of them wanted to get away.“ At 17, he dropped out of the arts Gymnasium, to be able to completely his music dedicate .

Andreas Bourani reveals

He is really the father?

From the boys ‘ choir to the pop star

Every beginning is difficult. The also had to experience Andreas Bourani. While he took in 2003 on the ZDF-Casting-Show "The German Voice" part, however, was only Sixth, and no Song, is also his real debut album has not been released for the longest time. Four years later, it moved Andreas to Berlin, but also because it should take a few more years. Finally, in 2010, Universal took him under contract, and 2011 saw the release of his first Album, released in "Dust and fantasy". The first Single "Only in my head" became a radio hit and received for 150,000 units sold in Germany with a Gold record. In the autumn of Andreas Bavaria represented at the Federal vision song contest, was the tenth.

But then in 2014, and with it, finally, the breakthrough came in the year! Andreas’ hammer of the year: In may his second Album comes out "Hey" out, lands on number three on the Charts and reached triple platinum. Andreas Bourani is a judge at the Eurovision Song Contest. And then his Song is "To us", he co-wrote with his guitarist, Julius Hartog, the official world Cup Song named. "As we wrote the number, and wrestled I with self-doubt. In fact, it’s the energy of a fresh start. ‘On us’ is an extremely lively and life-affirming song, an Ode to community cohesion and optimism." Together with Helene Fischer it was called the German national team at Berlin’s fan zone to welcome. Also in 2015, the likeable singer celebrates successes: His joint Single with Sido "Astronaut" it is his second number One Hit in the German Charts.

Andreas Bourani in TV "The Voice of Germany"

Since 2015 Andreas Bourani gives his musical Knowledge as a Coach and jury member of the fifth season of the popular talent show "The Voice of Germany" to his charges further. In season five, he had to Beck it still against his competitors, Michi and Smudo of the "Fantastic Four" beaten, made with Jamie-Lee Kriewitz the race. The sixth season, however, Bourani with his singer Tay man Schmedt decided they could prevail against the other Coaches Samu Haber, Michi Beck and Smudo and Yvonne Strahovski .

You don’t need to always be Macho

Andreas Bouranis music is very emotional. It is important for him, emotions allow, and not on Macho-stereotypes of "hard men" hold on. True strength lies for him in weakness to allow and to not hide them – without, however, as an Ambassador for this men image. Him, it comes to personal content.

"For me, music must always have a need and a truth; the timeless a feeling is, the better. Doubt, for example, accompany you for a lifetime. In this respect, it is worth to write about a song ."

Remains to hope, that Andreas Bourani will give up his doubts, because new Songs and a third Studio album expected by his Fans eagerly .

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Just because you don’t understand a thing, it does not mean that it exists. #thought

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