Anna Kendrick

The teeny star stamp was lucky not to cling to her. Meanwhile, Anna Kendrick with serious roles in the top Hollywood ranks ascended.

Anna Kendrick

  • Born 9. August 1985 , Portland, Maine, USA
  • First Name Anna
  • Name Cooke Kendrick
  • Years 34
  • Size 1.57 m
  • The Zodiac Sign Of Leo
  • Partner Ben Richardson (current) ; Jake Gyllenhaal (2011) ; Edgar Wright (2009-2013)

Not everyone knows that

In an Interview, Anna described the role of Jessica in the "Twilight"-Movies, plays, as a idiot.

Anna can’t believe the hype at all: "It’s a really strange Moment, when you put the Oscars to come home, you on your old, souped-up IKEA bed, you’re already have since you were 18, an old episode of “Family Guy” to turn, you are frozen food and try not to spill your Thousand-Dollar dress with macaroni and cheese ."

Humility despite success: "Quite simply, it is luck. Of course, I work very hard. But I don’t think I’m successful because I’m better or more talented than other actors. There are enough people that are twice as talented as I, and nobody asks them about their Beauty secrets. Luck played a great role."

Biography of Anna Kendrick

In the case of Anna Kendrick, everything went according to Plan: First acting experiences at the age of ten years, together with her brother Michael Cooke Kendrick who is also an actor, moving to New York, auditions, Engagements at the Theater, and eventually Hollywood.

First awareness by the "Twilight"-Saga

After their time at the Theater with many awards, she was, from 2008, part of one of the biggest teen phenomena of all times: In "Twilight – Bis(s) dawn" she played on the side of the Megastars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson the role of Jessica Stanley. Also in the Sequels "New Moon – Bis(s) for the lunch hour", "Eclipse – Bis(s) zum Abendrot" and "Breaking Dawn – Bis(s) at the end of the night – part 1" she was to be seen. The first step was done, you knew your face, the film industry, she was by no means Unknown.

Emma Watson + Robert Pattinson

"Harry Potter"-Reunion at the "Golden Globes"

Breakthrough with "Up in the Air"

In contrast to most of the other cast members of the vampire Saga, the teen star stamp of Anna is not liable, however. The big breakthrough velvet Oscar nomination followed up with the tragicomedy "Up in the Air". The hard-working Anna was busy a lot, because the rotation for work "Up in the Air" for found that "Twilight – Bis(s) dawn" and so they flew constantly from Set to Set. But the effort paid off. Director Jason Reitman saw from the beginning, the great potential in the young actress: From the beginning, he only had Anna for the role in mind. The role, which does not occur in the novel at all, was written on the body .

Anna loves to Sing

After her big success with "Up in the Air" you saw Anna in some minor roles, including "Scott Pilgrim vs. the world", "50/50 – friends for (About)life" and "End of Watch", to you in "Pitch Perfect" the main role of the Beca got. Also in the sequel "Pitch Perfect 2", the 2015 came out in theaters, she was seen again as Beca to. In the film, the female A cappella group "The Barden Bellas" were allowed to admire the audience for the first time, Anna’s singing voice. And apparently, the actress has great delight in the Singing. In the Musical-Films "Into the Woods" and "The Last Five Years" you are enthusiastic with your voice.

Anna Kendrick off the big screen

Even the then US President could convince the singing actress with their musical prowess. In December 2013 she performed at the Fundraiser Christmas in Washington on to their guests among the many celebrities also said Barack Obama. In General, Anna’s pleasure seems on a diverse range of projects in the look away to have a gimmick Like that. As of 2014, her debut as a presenter in the legendary US Comedy show "Saturday Night Live". And also the Writing is the multi-talented, apparently, in the blood: in 2016, published by Anna Kendrick your Autobiography "Scrappy Little Nobody".

The most successful movies of Anna Kendrick

  • 2008: Twilight – bite to the dawn
  • 2009: New Moon – bite at lunch hour
  • 2010: Eclipse – Biss zum Abendrot
  • 2010: Scott Pilgrim vs. the world
  • 2011: 50/50 – friends for (About)life
  • 2011: Breaking Dawn – bite to the end of the night, part 1
  • 2012: What happens, if it happens
  • 2012: Pitch Perfect
  • 2013: Drinking Buddies – growing up is hard
  • 2014: Cake
  • 2014: Into the Woods
  • 2015: The Last Five Years
  • 2015: Pitch Perfect 2
  • 2015: Mr. Right
  • 2016: The Hollars – A Hell Of A Family
  • 2016: Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates
  • 2016: The Accountant
  • 2017: Table 19 – love is out of place
  • 2017: Pitch Perfect 3
  • 2018: A Simple Favor
  • 2019: Nicole

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