Astrology Queen Elizabeth Teissier “in 2020, will be a tough year”

In an Interview with RTL presenter Katja Burkard

Star-astrologer Elizabeth Teissier prophesied: “in 2020, will be a tough year"

25. October 2019 – 12:20 PM

Teissier, however, sees only black

It is one of the most famous Astrologer in the world: The Swiss-French Elizabeth Teissier discussed already, the heads of state as king Juan Carlos and Francois Mitterand. RTL presenter Katja Burkard has betrayed them exclusively, what awaits us in 2020 .

Same planet-constellation, as in the case of 9/11

Tessier is a concern that in the coming year, the same constellation of the planets will rule that it was for the last Time in September 2001. We all remember 9/11. What is it exactly that you feared, and as the tide still could turn to in the Video.

Elisabeth Tessiers Book "2020 – The big change"* is now published in Kastner-Verlag. The astrologer lights in it the beginning of the new decade, and indicates that a bold secure position for our future and our planet from climate-related disasters could protect .

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