Bachelor’s 2020 candidate will be thrown out because they don’t want to smooch

Because you don’t want to smooch: Bachelor’s Sebastian Preuss throw this candidate out

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  • 05.02.2020

The Bachelor’s degree on Wednesday evening, the neat thing. But not in the positive sense. A candidate gets from Sebastian Preuss no Rose, which was actually to his favorites. Caution, Spoiler!

Bachelor’s Sebastian Preuss, 30, is looking for since 8. January, from originally 22 women, the supposedly great love. One of his favorites, it seems, was from the beginning, Linda, 24. With her he spent already a wide range of Dates and hours in the current season. And also in episode number five, he invites you to a romantic single date, which she accepts with great joy. If you had to imagine the outcome of such?

Bachelor’s degree in 2020: Sebastian Preuss is kicking this candidate out

Spoiler Warning!

In the fifth episode on 5. February in the Free-TV runs, he kidnapped the 24-Year-old in a fragrance hotel. After a Massage, the Bachelor is trying to approach and open: "I tried to kiss you. It has not been approved, she put her head down or came to meet me and we hugged then just. What was also quite nice ". Knutschfan Sebastian shows first of all, understanding. "But in the Moment I thought that it would be uncomfortable because we were sitting in a Bathrobe in there. It’s cool and easy", he assured .

Sebastian Preuss to loose?

Swan-fight shocking Fans and he laughs

Candidate Linda denied a kiss

Also, Linda talks openly about the Moment and that the Situation or the kiss deliberately evaded . "I found the Moment just inappropriate".

The Date off to a promising start

But in the meantime, the Date seems to be really good. Both of these swarms from one another. He says: "It’s good to be close to you ". Linda are: "He hits right in my prey schema. He is a Gentleman". Later on, you should have your opinion in this regard may be changed .

Because the Bachelor’s degree in the "Kiss" also in the evening, no rest. Just, he asks Linda: "How important is it to you? Kissing in a relationship?" Your it is important, of course, that it fits and blends in harmoniously. She explains to him but also, quite frankly, that she knows of his past Kiss with some candidates and not the "Fourth, Fifth, wants to be Sixth, I don’t want to be one of many ".

Bachelor’s Sebastian can’t follow your reasoning

An Argument that the Bachelor obviously do not apply . "I thought that we are already so far. We have spent a lot of time together. I think even with her, I’ve spent the most time of all the girls. And with her I wanted to go to the next step, would be for me to come to the people so close that I him kisses, to see what comes next ," he explained later. Their motives he can not understand. Compared to Linda, he maintains (still) the ticket: "I like to respect if you want to wait. Everything is easy."

Jessica Paszka about Sebastian Preuss

"I find him meeega!"

It should be also. After all, in 2020 should be able to each woman to decide when she is kissing whom. Especially since Linda believes, "if I’m worth to you, then you wait out". Sebastian Preuss has:apparently a different view on things "Oh, so you see the . ", his only comment remains. So convinced of the Bachelor’s of Linda’s does not affect vision .

The collection has sustained him

This sucks him visually, he says. In the further course of the Dates, there are still several moments in which the would-be der Rosenkavalier comes back to the topic . "It would probably have been no better time more. I didn’t understand it " and "What do you think now? You think I would have kissed him now like " make it clear how much this collection is just stress.

As punishment, Linda may not spend the night, finally with him, but has to Dodge on a hotel room . "I would have offered you much that you sleep with me tonight, but I don’t think we are there yet". He said so , "see what comes after that ".

The Bachelor’s degree is also confused in the Morning still completely

The next Morning Breakfast, the two together again. The subject had robbed him of in the meantime, the sleep, he confesses. But the 24-Year-old is at your decision and no choice is left to the Bachelor, he must accept it finally. The conclusion in turn: "Cool that we were able to talk. Let’s see what the future will bring ". But a "Council" he wants to give the rose contender still on the way: "Thou shalt also working on it, if that is important ". What exactly you should be working, we don’t know. To kiss, perhaps their willingness, if there is a man expected of her .

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