Beauty trends bright eyes without SURGERY

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Beauty Trends: bright eyes without SURGERY

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  • 10.04.2018

If wrinkles, dark circles or drooping eyelids – these Lifting Treatments and Make-up Tricks work without major downtime and side effects

For some, a blemish, for others a brand of characters: Cate Blanchett has eyelids by nature slip

For some, a blemish, for others a brand of characters: Cate Blanchett has eyelids by nature slip

At night, glamorous, Cinderella – and the next Morning, when looking in the mirror, the Cinderella Feeling. The times in which it rose after a night out, fairly wrinkle resistant, and sleep out of bed, over at the latest thirty. Instead, the mirror shows a merciless dark shadows, depth edges, imprint of wrinkles.

The problem zone, the us, just like many celebrities, to create the most power, is the eye area because the skin is particularly thin and sensitive. Although there is less fatty tissue under the skin and hardly any sebaceous and sweat glands, sitting, skin, and muscles around the eye area but around the clock. Up to 30,000 Times a day we blink in front of us .

Only 5 days after the birth

She is back on the Red carpet

However, not only the duration of stress, and a wild Lifestyle fine lines, dark circles and puffiness promote . Latest studies show that blue light caused by LED lamps, computer screens and Smartphones harm the skin so much so that this produces oxidative Stress, irreparable cell damage or the repair process of the skin can slow down. Acts also the force of gravity, pressing the lids on the eyes that we look tired, and duration of exhausted. In the worst case, we even have the effect of years older than we are.

Clear that beauty of optimization is, therefore, carefully in this area so popular . The Trend is to short, non-invasive procedures in combination with special creams and Make-up Tricks. All without a scalpel.

Drooping eyelids

Botox: If the upper eyelid is too loose, it can produce a Botox injection, below the outer eyebrow a Push-up effect. The dose and the exact injection points are individual and are determined after careful analysis by a specialist . Facts: It takes a few minutes, a slight redness/swelling possible. The effect sets in after three to seven days, lasts about six months. Cost: about 500 Euro for both eyes

Thread lift: A lightweight hooded lid with a little bit of skin to raise a surplus and the body’s own production of collagen, stimulate, threads are made of polylactic acid is drawn into the subcutaneous tissue, the dissolve and the lymph are removed . Facts: Local anesthetic, for up to two days of downtime, redness, and bruising is possible for up to three years. Cost: approx. 900 Euro

Plasmage: Here is generated using a special device, a plasma jet and on the surface of the skin transfer. As a result, a natural healing is stimulated process. This can lead to about seven days to firmer eyelids . Facts: Local anesthetic is necessary, the treatment takes about 30 minutes. A slight swelling and abrasions are possible. Cost: approx. 1,000 Euro for both eyes

Sympathy wearer with laugh lines: Inès de la Fressange

Sympathy wearer with laugh lines: Inès de la Fressange

Crow’s feet

Thermage: Larger areas with high-traffic radio-frequency waves to tighten. By heating the collagen contracts and will build over the next four months, a steady stream of new collagen fibers . Facts: The treatment takes about half an hour and must be repeated. Redness and swelling are possible. Cost: approximately 1,200 euros

Injection molding: Botox minimizes the appearance of crow’s feet at the outer corner of the eye. Deeper wrinkles, the specialist fills with hyaluronic acid. The supplies not only the fatty tissue under the skin with moisture, but also the skin stimulates your own collagen production . Facts: The treatment takes about 30 minutes and lasts for up to six months. Bruises, swelling, and redness are possible. Cost: variable, approximately 400 Euro for both eyes

Creams: Against finer wrinkle areas taut look the end eye creams with Anti-Aging active ingredients that stimulate collagen and elastin formation and cellular renewal. These include peptides, Vitamin B3, Vitamin C and Retinol, pure Vitamin A. moisturizers such as Aloe vera or hyaluronic acid cushions of fine lines from the inside to count . Facts: Eye creams are formulated differently than facial creams. You will be regularly in the morning and evening with the ring finger tapped.

Eyes rings

Filler: Tears pad tray and let the shadows disappear hyaluronic acid is suitable for patients who tend to have a tendency to Swell in the lower eyelids. Own fat is used, however, preferred in patients with a tendency to Swell. Excess fat from the body is removed from regions such as the abdomen or the buttocks via liposuction, a sterile processed and to the desired location re-injected. Facts: Hyaluronic acid holds up to a year. Cost: approximately 550 euros. The autologous fat treatment (approximately EUR 2,500) is performed under local anesthesia and takes approximately 2.5 hours. The result holds for two years. Both methods are easy bruising are possible.

She knows the Tricks against dark shadows under the eyes: Reese Witherspoon

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