Chris O’neill

Christopher O’neill is the senses of some other Prince-husband: He wanted to remain a title, as a businessman regardless and shields his private life. Princess Madeleine loves him and their children and takes Trouble with the Swedish people in

Chris O’neill

  • 27 born. June 1974 , London / England
  • First Name Christopher Paul
  • Name O’neill
  • Years 45
  • Size –
  • The Zodiac Sign Of Cancer
  • Partner Princess Madeleine (married)
  • Children, Leonore (*In 2014) ; Nicolas (*2015) ; Adrienne (*2018)

Not everyone knows that

Actually, Princess Madeleine and her husband speak English with each other. In an Interview before the wedding, the Briton revealed with an American passport and an Austrian mother, however, is that they would switch to German, if you wanted to, that she understands someone .

Chris O’neill’s mother, Eva, was said in the 1980s a Romance with Prince Charles .

Chris O’neill has sisters, by the previous and later marriages of his parents, a total of five and a half

Asked how Sonny Nicolas Paul Gustaf came to his name, betrayed the proud father of the Swedish media that he was called by his mother for a day, Nicolas, before his parents put then on the Insistence of the father in the name of Christopher feast.

O’is not Neill’s Swedish, even two years after the wedding, still as good as he would want it. He attributes that to his many travels, but rest assured, he will learn it now, together with his daughter Leonore. It is a longer learning time.

Together with his wife, denied O’neill a TV appearance on the talk show "Skavlan" in December of 2015. There he presented himself a little macho, but quite humorous and handsome. For the first Time, we were able to understand Madeleine !

Biography of Chris O’neill

As a Princess 2011 Madeleine in the summer for the first Time with a new man at your side at the Salzburg festival showed, began the great guesswork senses to the hitherto unknown Prince-friend. Who is that? And how long has this been going between the two?

Swedish media quickly found out that it was Madeleine’s companion to Christopher O’neill, a English-American businessman residing in New York, and good contacts in European High Society.

Prince Carl Philip

About Princess Sofia can’t laugh at

Of friends set up

Met had was, the two fled in the American metropolis, in the Madeleine in 2010, after the broken engagement with her compatriot Jonas Bergström. Mutual friends brought together you .

Swedish court expresses

What Princess Madeleine actually makes ?

What do you say about this Baby News ?

King Carl Gustaf + Queen Silvia

Intimate photos of his 74. Birthday

On the first joint appearance of the couple followed – and that seems to be characteristic of their relationship – in a rush the next Surprise. The Swedes had landed barely comfortable with that your beautiful Princess lived in a foreign country and there is a new man in her life had, as was in October 2011, the engagement the two announced.

Relationship and familile planning in a hurry

The farm hastened to the subjects the man to bring about the previously little was known. So it became clear that Christopher O’brought Neill, the best conditions to be able to in the Royal society. Born In England, went to boarding school in Switzerland and moved into the 1960s with his American father, Paul O’neill New York.

After graduation, he studied at the University of Boston, where he made his Bachelor’s degree before he was hired in London for a financial company. After six years in the Financial industry he set a further degree from the University of "Columbia Business School" in New York and worked as a financial analyst for a Fund management company. His half-sisters, who all married into the European High Society, and a mother, Eva Maria O’neill, working for charity, round out the biography, impressive .

Princess Madeleine + Christopher O’neill

A New York Love Story

Private quite warm, but on the outside he seems cool

In Interviews raved about Princess Madeleine of your Future than your "Soul mate". And: "I appreciate Chris for his warmth and his sense of Humor. He has a very big heart and he manages to, that everyone feels good in his presence. Christopher is a very attentive and generous man."

In the engagement video, in the Queen Silvia’s Youngest lover ever had, was the Royal son-in-law in spe, then it might be a little cool and less emotional, as one would expect. Was he intimidated by the court atmosphere and the hype around his Person? Or was it because he realized that in the future all of his business, his appearances and Utterances under the microscope to be taken ?

Wedding like in a fairy tale

The Wedding of the couple on 8.June 2013 but got actually a fairy tale and Chris O’neill showed at last the feelings, not want to see only in Sweden. Always the smart financial Manager ran during the Ceremony of tears over the face, and he sought the glance of his beautiful bride. And rarely was a kiss on a Royal wedding as much as the two! The reconciliation of Sweden and Chris’ sympathy for rose.

The Couple remained after the vows in a rush: Barely out of the honeymoon, returned, surprised the two Swedish subjects with young-news. Child number one, Daughter Princess Leonore, came, 2014 in New York to the world. And, shortly after the second anniversary, in June 2015, were Madeleine and Chris’s parents, again .

First America, then Sweden and England

Son, Prince Nicolas Paul Gustaf was born in Sweden, a short stopover in New York. The next move was planned, however, already. Because, and Chris O’neill said in an extensive Interview with the magazine "Expressen" clear: His business before going. As royale dates will have to wait.
Because he wants the family to, when he in London works, after his wife came with the children. Something macho, he added: "I’m the one that deserves the bread ." Addressed to his Image as a "Bad Boy" he admitted thoughtfully, he might have been in the past a little too private. From the new main residence in London that has not changed – more O’neill chore appointments with the Royal relatives, such as the Swedish national holiday on 6. June out of the way. However, when family celebrations such as Baptisms of the little nephew, and then the convinced family man is, of course, also in Stockholm on-the-spot.

Back in the US – moving to Florida

For the birth of child number three, a daughter named Adrienne, Josephine, Alice, in March 2018, Chris o took’neill, after all, a multi-week Stockholm-to stay in because his wife wanted to bring the Baby in your old home and your family in the world. The family home in London was abandoned, the Madeleine and the children remained even several months in Stoclholm and on Öland. While Chris prepared for the next move: Since the autumn of 2018, the five-member family lives in Miami, Florida. Still no end in sight. The three children see the Sweden, therefore, if you have Madeleine, follow on Facebook or Instagram .

Chris O’neill – how popular he is ?

The Swedes love Princess Madeleine, just needed something to have with the man at your side to befriend. As Chris O’neill is just different, as you look at Royal sons-in-law might have presented .

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