Depilatory cream Important tips for the application

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Depilatory cream: The most important tips for application

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  • 31.05.2020

Smooth legs in seconds – depilation creams sound promising. GALA clarifies the advantages and disadvantages of shaving the Alternative,.

Hair removal cream, pain-free shave-Alternative.

Hair removal cream, pain-free shave-Alternative.

The regular hair removal is becoming more and more complicated. Instead of a generally applicable method for short and stubby legs, we are inundated with a wide variety of practices. Shaving, Sugaring, Waxing, Laser, Epilation – there are so many ways to get smooth legs. However, most are very painful, which is why the idea of painless hair removal cream is very tempting. What hair removal creams can really do, how they work and what are the disadvantages, reveals a GALA here:

So depilatory creams work

In contrast to shaving or Waxing, act depilatory creams are chemical-based. With the Application of the cream, the pores of the skin open, so that the thioglycolic acid with the keratin structure of the hair attack. The result is that The hair will dissolve and remain in a jelly-like state and can easily be removed with a spatula .

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Tips for the application of depilatory creams

Before use, the depilatory cream should be tested on the place where a small patch of skin on skin impact. It is not responding, may be applied the hair removal cream, best with a spatula on the skin. The cream shall be applied a predetermined time, after which the hair can be removed with the supplied waxing spatula. Then the legs should be cleaned thoroughly with water. It is important that the exposure time is exactly adhered to. A longer Exposure period can lead to skin irritation .

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Benefits of hair removal cream

Razor Burn – Adé! The biggest advantage of depilatory creams is, that the application is completely pain-free. Another important plus point is the price. There are vendors who offer already cream-tubes for a little more than a Euro. Noteworthy is also the time and effort. Similar to shaving the depilation process to a shower a combine, the time savings is enormous. Although the hairs grow back in the hair removal cream is not slower than when you shave, the hairs grow back much softer .

Disadvantages of the depilatory cream

The biggest disadvantage of depilatory creams, the skin intolerance. Because of the chemicals that can cause sensitive skin to skin irritation. The cream can be applied to all regions of the body. The genital area and the face should be avoided, because there is a chemicals to come in contact with the mucous membranes is increased. Who wants to wax his Bikini area, should resort to other treatments .

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For what type of depilatory creams are suitable?

The depilatory cream is definitely an attractive Alternative to Shaving, Waxing, Sugaring, lasers, etc. Not only the price is unbeatable, even the pain-free application is tempting. However, depilatory creams are only for non-sensitive skin types.

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