Fashion looks from The Style of Melania Trump

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The Style of Melania Trump

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  • 29.05.2020

27. In may 2020, is supposed to launch the first manned rocket from Elon Musks company SpaceX. A spectacle, that the President and his wife Melania Trump not to be missed can. Maybe to feel between all the technology, probably, it is striking that Melania Trump uses this date to true Fashion favorites. So she decides once again for the ivory colored Manolo Blahnik Heels for about 610 euros and the luxury label Alaïa.

This Looks copied from Princess Diana (†)

She is the First Lady on the side of President Donald Trump: We have taken note of the Outfits of Melania Trump under the microscope .

If you are also on a political level, an absolute blind fish, in terms of fashion, the First Lady can consult your Donald. Because the native Slovenian will know exactly what hits the Style-hour – after all, it was your own Model! shows photos that prove that your Style to the world, twisted up in the head .

Melania Trump has Topmaße

Of the wife of a Billionaire, a great figure, even if the times are on the catwalk behind her. You can always wear more loose pieces, in which other First Ladies, rather, would be to press the sausages remind. Whether in a skin-tight pencil skirt, close-cut Jumpsuit, or in the stunning sheath gown, Melania Trump, one gram has nowhere to much and can allow racier Style. The High-Society seems lady your fashion to the white house to adjust and choose for yourself especially white dresses and blouses.

Style for some stones

But also the wallet of your husband is not likely to be at the exclusive fashion uninvolved: Because even a well-earning Model can no Wedding dress for 200,000 dollars or the fabulously beautiful creations by Margot & Co allow only 2000 dollars to start. Despite the financial backing of Melania Trump with money can’t buy everything: well-known designers such as Marc Jacobs and Tom Ford will not give up for the lady and your dream body. Whether this has something to do with Donald Trump to? Either way, it is thanks to the woman at his side always, lovely photos – even from otherwise rather dreary political events.

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