Gross-net calculator 2020 – So you can calculate your net salary

The salary calculator shows what remains from gross wage-left

With the gross-to-net calculator you find out quickly and easily, how much of your salary on payday is remaining. You don’t know about the tax rates and social security contributions? No Problem – the free Online salary calculator to calculate your net earnings is quite straightforward.

What are the changes to your net income when you switch to marry, and the tax class or if you have a child? How much you net left, when you get a salary increase? Or what are the effects of it change on your net salary, if you are from a statutory to a private health insurance company? With the gross-to-net calculator, you can try out at any time, a variety of scenarios .

Net salary calculate: how it works

To calculate your individual net income, the gross-to-net calculator only a few basic information. First, you enter your gross salary, i.e. your salary before any deductions. You also have the option to specify, a (annual)allowance. Select whether you want to calculate the net wage for 2020 or an earlier calendar year, and specify the time period, whether they relate to a month, or a year. You also need to know your tax class. Information about this you can find below.

Then, specify whether you are subject to Church tax and in which state you live in, because after that, the Church tax rate is calculated, among other things. If you are by law covered by health insurance, enter the cash rate and the additional contribution rate for your health insurance. You are insured by a private insurance, select whether or not you are insured with or without an employer subsidy, and enter your employee contribution to private health insurance manually. And you are of pension contributions? Also, this Information, the content needs calculator to your net pay to calculate. Finally, you specify whether you have children and your children’s allowances. Finally, you have to enter your year of birth .

What is the difference between gross pay and net pay is ?

The wage your employer pays you is the gross wage, but taxes and social insurance contributions are deducted. The amount that remains after deduction of these charges left, and you get paid, is your net pay.

What will be deducted from the gross salary ?

As an employee, you pay the wage tax, the solidarity surcharge and Church tax if you belong to a Church that collects such a tax. Add to that the contributions to health insurance, pension insurance, unemployment insurance and nursing care insurance.

What is the (year)amount?

As the Free allowance is a specified part of the gross income that is not taxed. Some of the allowances like the basic allowance and, if applicable, allowances for children, you automatically have to claim if you are liable to income tax. In addition, you can apply to the Treasury for a further amount. This can be, for example, the cost of travel to and from work or for the care of their children. The tax base will be reduced, and your employer has to pay a lower wage tax, so you have more left of your gross salary is left .

Which tax class applies to whom?

In Germany there are six different payroll tax categories, where in each case the amount of the wage tax, the solidarity surcharge and, if applicable, Church tax and the amount. The tax class 1 is for single workers and for Married or Verpartnerte, living permanently separated from your Partner, including Divorced and Widowed fall. For workers for whom the conditions of the tax class 1 and which are additionally a single parent, the tax class 2.
In the wage tax class 3 you will fall, if you are married or partnered and your Partner is not gainfully employed. If both partners work pay, is for the control class 4. Marriage or life partner can decide to change the tax class 3 – then the other Partner falls into the tax class 5. Alternatively, there is the option to select the tax class 4 with a factor of .
If you have multiple Jobs with different employers, the tax class 6 for the wage tax from the second and, if necessary, a further appointment.

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